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  • Fire Type & Extinguishers

  • Role of ERT & Behavior

  • Case Studies(Major Fire)

  • Workshop [Root Cause]

  • Fire Prevention: Fire detection system

  • Fire Hydrant  Demo

  • Fire Extinguisher

Fire Safety Services

Emergency Response Team Training

Fire Safety & Emergency Response Team Training is one of the important training to keep Fire fighting team of organization active time to time. APS – EHS services provide top quality training with highly experience professionals

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What  APS -EHS   Services   Do :

  • Do  Survey  for  Fire  Drill / Mockdrill   as per  organization scale
  • Establish  ERT  committee  to  support  during emergency
  • Specific   method   for Mock drill  process   & education to  ERT  & Security 
  • Conduct  Mock drill  along  with Fire  Fighting  Demo  &  rescue  of  employee
  • Wrap up meeting  with  Department Head  & Chief  controller   for  improvement .

Fire Safety Services

Fire Drill & Mock Drill

Fire Drill & Mock drill are one of the important legal requirement for any organization. It is also one of the effective way to check or test the Emergency Preparedness Procedure Every organization have Fire Drill / Mock drill is one of the important Legal requirement under The Factory Act 1948 of India to keep workforce active & Familiar with the actions Required during emergency situation.

E.g  of  Mock Drill :

Keep Mock Fire in Shopfloor à  Raise  Fire Alarm –à Observe  the Evacuation –à Head Count

  —à Send ERT  for Rescue /Safety Entry check –à Declare  Safe Entry –à Review meeting

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Our Key reference  standard

  • Indian Code : National Building code 2016 ( Part -4 Fire & Life Safety )-Mainly Referred by Govt. sector  Fire  services 
  • International  Standard : National Fire Protection Associate(NFPA)-mainly adopted by MNCs
  • Tariff Advisory committee :guidelines refer for design of Fire Protections system
  • Indian Electricity Rule 2002 : To Ensure Electrical safety (Earth , wiring etc ) at workplace.
  • Indian Standard [IS 2189,2190, IS 15908 , IS 15105 etc.] for specific type of Fire fighting equipment installation or design

Fire Safety Services

Fire Risk Assessment & Fire Load Audit

Fire Safety Audit is one of the important mechanism / tool through which organization can check the readiness of Fire Protection infrastructure as well as fire safety management system for any unforeseen/Fire Emergency in future. APS – EHS services organized the Fire Safety audit , Assessment through Highly qualified & 10+ years experience Fire Safety Professional who can not only identify the Gap but also recommend the right solution as per industries or warehouse fire load

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Highlights of  services under this  category  :  [  Audit duration is  based on scale, area  of  Industry  or warehouse or  Hospitals or  Institutional buildings ]


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